Weekly Eats #8

weekly-eats-wiaw-090214Day 1: Porridge, chia seeds, almonds, blueberries. Banana. Chicken salad. Homemade protein cake. Protein shake. Chicken, spinach, tomato omelette. Day 2: Porridge, chia seeds, almonds. Apple, almonds. Chicken avocado pitta. Greek yogurt, blueberries. Protein shake. Chicken, sweet potato, peppers. Day 3: Lemon slices, hot water. Porridge, banana, chia seeds. Almonds. Chicken, M&S carrot salad. Banana. Chicken, tomato and spinach scramble. Day 4: Porridge, blueberries, chia seeds, almonds. Almonds. Chicken, salad, M&S quinoa salad. Rice cakes. Protein shake. Salmon stir fry and omelette. Day 5: Porridge, blueberries, chia seeds. Almonds. Chicken, salad, avocado, M&S quinoa salad. Banana. Tablespoon peanut butter. Poached eggs on toast. Day 6: Porridge, chia seeds, almonds. Apple, almonds. Tuna salad sandwich. Tablespoon peanut butter. Turkey and avocado salad wrap with skin-on fries.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Weekly Eats post! In January I focused on quitting sugar, this month I am focusing on eating clean. Looking at these pictures, I’ve introduced a bit too much sugar back into my diet, but that’s something I can work on. My cheat meal this week was a turkey and avocado salad wrap with skin-on fries. OK, so the wrap wasn’t so bad but the fries and ketchup were. I had gone out after work and the place we went to did not allow food to be brought in. I could’ve ordered a salad, but I decided to schedule it as my cheat meal and enjoy the fries! What have you been eating lately?



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      Yay! So glad I could help! Definitely stick at it, we all plateau from time to time. Try out new recipes, try eating more calories and try switching up your workout routine. Your body can get used to what you’re doing and needs change xx

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