New In: Bimuno Immunaid

bimuno-immunaid-pastilles-reviewToday, I’m talking to you about guts. No, not having the guts or courage to do something, but our actual gut inside our bodies. After coming down with a cold over Christmas and the New Year, I have been wanting to boost my immune system to prevent myself getting ill again. I have cleaned up my eating habits, making sure I eat plenty of nutritious, whole foods but I wanted to give my body a helping hand. Bimuno Immunaid is a prebiotic, that unlike probiotics, feeds your existing ‘good’ bacteria in your gut and helps them to thrive. Not many people realise that 60% of our immune system is linked to our gut, with good bacteria playing a key role. Bimuno Immunaid is a patented formulation that comes as soft, chewy pastilles and claims to help maintain digestive balance, support our natural defences and work in harmony with our immune system.

You are to take two pastilles a day and benefits are said to build over time. So far I have been taking them for a week and they taste really nice! They’re quite sweet so I feel like I’m getting an actual sweet everyday which is a plus for me. So far I have noticed that I have been getting less bloated after meals, but I shall continue taking the pastilles and will report back in a few weeks time for a more in depth review after I have given them a proper test.

Bimuno Immunaid Chewable Pastilles | £19.99 for a triple pack (*)

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  • Erin S

    Ah they sound good! I haven’t had much illness (annoying for lack of sick days!) but I hate bloating so definitely need to do something to combat it!

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    • Gymbags Gladrags

      Let me know how you get on if you give them a try :) x

  • Lisa Goodman

    Those sound interesting, I’ve got a rubbish cold at the moment and might try these as a way of improving my overall health!


    • Gymbags Gladrags

      They’re main aim is to boost your immune system so they should definitely help! x