Monday Motivation #32

lorna-jane-active-living-projectToday’s motivation comes from Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe philosophy. My boyfriend bought me the Move Nourish Believe 2014 diary and gave it to me this weekend. It is like a bible! It is thick and beautifully printed, each page has a quote, tip or recipe to help you like a healthy lifestyle. I missed out on January, but got the diary just in time for February’s Active Living Project.

Each week the Move Nourish Believe team will be focusing on a different area of healthy living to get you really in tune with this way of life. Week one focuses on Believing. This is so important, I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “If you put your mind to it, you can achieve it” and I think that is so true! This week write down your goals, put them somewhere you’ll see them regularly. On the fridge, in your purse, on your diary/planner, or if you don’t want someone else to read them, stick them on the inside of your wardrobe door, that way you’ll see them everyday but they’ll be out of sight for everyone else!

After you’ve decided on your goals and written them down, make a motivational mood board, a visual board full of things that will motivate you to achieve your goals. Cut out pictures of bodies you find inspiring, workout routines, motivational quotes- have a look through my previous Motivation Monday posts and see if there are images there that you’d like on your mood board. Choose images that will really make you believe that you can achieve your goals, don’t use an image if you think it will only serve to remind you how far away you are from that goal.

I’ll be writing my goals in my new Move Nourish Believe 2014 diary, and using this blog, my Pinterest and my Instagram as my visual boards as they are something I check everyday. Let me know if you’ll be doing the Active Living Project too!

Image | Move Nourish Believe.

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  • Cate EC
    • Gymbags Gladrags

      It’s lovely- I’m so happy to have it! x

  • Rachel

    This sounds like a great idea! I really react to a visual prompt to keep me going!


    • Gymbags Gladrags

      So do I! I intend to fill it in everyday to keep me motivated x

  • Natalie

    Wow brownie points for your boyfriend! Did you have to drop some hints? ;)
    I have been DYING for this diary but I already have so many diaries and notepads (stationery addict over here) that I just couldn’t justify it. Especially as I need an academic diary mostly… But Lorna Jane is SO inspiring :) Looking forward to your updates lovely xoxo

    • Gymbags Gladrags

      Haha I dropped some very obvious hints. You can always put inspiring quotes in your own diary :) x

  • Nicola

    This sounds like a fantastic plan!

    • Gymbags Gladrags

      Doesn’t it?! :)

  • Gemma Down

    This is a really good idea! Ill definitely be trying the visual prompts!

    • Gymbags Gladrags

      I think the visual board will be really helpful! :) x

  • nevertoohappy

    Because you motivate me almost daily….I nominated you!

    • Gymbags Gladrags

      Thank you!! x

  • Sophie Hawker

    Sounds like an incredible diary! Believing in yourself is such an enormous part of any journey :)


    • Gymbags Gladrags

      Most definitely!! x

  • Victoria Wright

    I needed this motivation today….. !

    • Gymbags Gladrags

      So glad I could help!! xx