Psycle Challenge: The Results

Psycle London

It feels like just last week that I sat down to write my Challenge Accepted post and tell you all about the challenge spin studio Psycle London had set me. But it has now been a whole four weeks since I agreed to spin three times a week for a month. I can't quite believe it's over. I'd become used to making my way to the new Psycle studio at Canary … [Read more...]

My Current Gym Bag Essentials

My current workout essentials

Lately I've had some new additions to my gym bag and have loved using them over and over again so it's only right I share them with you! On a side note, let me know if you'd like to see an updated 'What's in my Gym Bag' post as quite a lot has changed, in fact it has completely changed since I wrote that post, gym bag included. Anyway, back to my … [Read more...]

How to sleep better at night

How to sleep better

I love sleep. I love naps, I love lie ins and I love early nights. If I could be an animal I'd be a cat because they can sleep at any time of day for hours on end, plus they get fed, cuddled and don't have to go out running - perfect. We all know we're supposed to be getting 8 hours of sleep every night but sometimes just getting a couple hours of … [Read more...]

Healthy Snacks On the go

Healthy snacks for on the go - Gymbags & Gladrags blog

Cooking from scratch is always best. When you take fresh ingredients and turn them into something wonderful that is healthy and nutritious for you, well there's nothing like it. You know exactly what has gone into your food and therefore what is going into your body. However, with our busy lifestyles sometimes life gets in the way and we just don't … [Read more...]